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Meet Our Writer

Aura Greenfield

"Greetings, dear friends of the bean! I’m Aura Greenfield, your enchanting guide through the magical realms of coffee and green wonders. Let’s flutter through the whispering leaves of the coffee forests and uncover the hidden secrets of eco-friendly brews."

Let's dance in harmony with nature, spreading love, care, and green wonders to the world!
Savoring Sips
Savoring Sips
Eco Recipes
Eco Recipes
Sip Sustainably

Embracing the Joy of Mindful Brewing

Join us in a delightful journey of mindful brewing! 🌱 Let's celebrate each sip, honor every bean, and weave a future where our coffee is as kind to the planet as it is to our palates

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    Flavorful Adventures Await
    Choosing sustainably-sourced beans infuses every sip with a blend of care, respect, and earthy love, from our cup to the planet
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    Cheers to Thoughtful Brewing
    Opting for sustainable brewing warmly acknowledges the vibrant landscapes and skilled artisans crafting your comforting brew
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Liters Of Water
To grow the coffee beans needed to produce one cup of coffee
58 billion+
Disposable Coffee Cups
Discarded annually in the U.S.
2.5 million+
Acres Of Forest
In Central America cleared for coffee farming
Bean to Breath

Exploring Mindfulness and Sustainability in Our Coffee Practices

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Make every sip a serene moment

Dive into a world where your coffee pause becomes a mindful escape